Wednesday, September 2, 2009

British-Irish Heritage Forum

Welcome to the British-Irish Heritage Forum. I guarantee you'll want to Bookmark this site. You've happened upon the blogspot that's certain to provide you with information that will help smash some of the 'brickwalls' in your family historical research! My 33 years of personal research experience have grounded me in reference, and correspondence research procedure, in practical approaches and techniques for conducting historical research. In this blogspot you're going to find--

- shortcuts to quick-find ancestry
- case-breaking strategies of knocking down old brick 'walls'
- nifty hints that will truly make a difference in research
- cutting-edge content that brings more joyous occasions more frequently
- how and what sources to use to obtain more accurate and realistic perspectives in weaving your family's history into its own unique and beautiful tapestry
- how to use lesser-used and substitute record sources for strengthening pedigrees and probabilities in your family's historical research

For starters, just checkout my favorite "links". They'll blow you away!

And, remember to check back, regularly. So hurry back!


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